CoreMelt does it again with PaintX!

If you're not familiar with CoreMelt's 3rd party plugins for Final Cut Pro X... you SHOULD be. VFX veteran Roger Bolton and the aweseome team over at CM have put together some seriously awesome tools over the years that have become seriously ubiquitous for X users and the latest from CoreMelt is no different!

Introducing CoreMelt's PaintX-- tracked paint tools for FCP X. As you'll see in the tutorial below the plugin is quite multifaceted and can handle everything from blurs for documentary films (faces, license plates etc.), cloning out wires and unwanted elements in your frame (just like the clone tool in Photoshop except for VIDEO), introducing paint strokes onto your image and more! And since all of the tools in PaintX utilize Academy Award Mocha Tracking from Boris FX you can use this on static shots, moving shots, shots with action (though to limiting degrees depending on lots of factors of course).

But enough with the words... check out the run-through below.

So as you can see the possibilities are quite exciting with what you will able to do natively inside Final Cut with some basic VFX work.

If you like what you saw and want to check out another one of CoreMelt's dynamite plugins check out FCPX Marks The Spot's tutorial on their Chromatic plugin-- an advanced color grading plugin for FCP X.

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