'FCPX Marks The Spot' Training Course for Final Cut Pro X is LIVE!!!

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You Should Take This Course If...

You want to learn Final Cut Pro X FAST.

You've got the drive.

You've got the passion - but you're missing the knowledge and experience...this course will help master video editing on Final Cut Pro X.

Enroll NOW! Let's get started!

Take The Course at INDIE FILM HUSTLE TV.

Take The Course over at UDEMY.

The Complete Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Crash Course is designed for anybody and everybody to learn Final Cut, Pro X, proficiently and efficiently enough to be able to import, edit and export their own content-- no matter if it's for a film, a branded social or for your YouTube channel. Take your video editing from beginner to professional with Final Cut Pro X.

In just UNDER 4 HOURS you will be taken the full gamut of importing, organizing, editing, coloring, titling, captioning, finishing and exporting -- no matter if you have previous editing experience or not!


What you’ll learn

Mastery of Final Cut Pro X

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

None other than a copy of Final Cut Pro X

Who this course is for:

FilmmakersVideo EditorsAnyone who wants to learn Final Cut Pro X


Hi all! My name is Ryan Charles and I'm a filmmaker, editor and post-production nerd. I've edited 5 feature films, a web-pilot (but don't hold that against me), countless shorts/specs and a handful of video essays to date and am currently cutting my 3rd feature-length documentary. I directed/edited an indie feature in 2012, All God'sCreatures, that sold at AFM (American Film Market) and is currently available on Amazon Prime-- as is a documentary about the Dalai Lama I cut in 2016, Compassion In Action . This year (2019) I will be receiving my Masters in Post-Production, currently contribute to both No Film School and the Frame_io Blog and am exactly the kind of person who reads the manual cover to cover. I also happen to be a Final Cut Pro X enthusiast and it's with that in mind I have created this course. Not only do I think that FCPX will slowly begin creeping into the indie filmmaking realm in the years to come but I also firmly believe that it is the NLE (Non Linear Editor) that NON-filmmakers are more apt to pick up and learn. The NLE of the future.

So let's dive in and start learning Final Cut Pro X!

Enroll NOW! Let's get started!

Take The Course at INDIE FILM HUSTLE TV.

Take The Course over at UDEMY.


© 2018 by Ryan Charles/Nitty Gritty Studios


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